Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Encouragement can come from the strangest places ...

I'm at work right now; I'm on a short break.  I just came across this on a stamp:
know in
your heart
that you
are far
bigger than
that can
happen to

I'm a pretty strong, independent type of individual.  Most times, after the initial shock of whatever it is, I am able to roll up my sleeves, dig in my heels and attack whatever is attacking me.  It's just sometimes ... the adrenalin takes longer to kick in or evaporates more quickly than other times.  It's those times that I feel overwhelmed and unable.

I'm really glad I took a break when I did which enabled me to find these words.  I really needed them ... to see it in print, so my mind's eye could take them in, to recall when I begin to feel drained.  So at those times I'd be able to regroup and feel strengthened within and do what I know I must do.

This, too, was put in my path - for a reason - and I thank HIM for putting it there.

Have a Great and Blessed Day! (I'm going to) and thanks for stopping by ...