Wednesday, May 12, 2010

I think I'm falling in love ... with mini albums ...

Hi, y’all …

I’ve had another awakening … and this one is so very weird for me. Especially since I'm completely nuts about making cards and never really enjoyed "scapbooking" per se. BUT, I'm falling in love with mini albums - the paper bag kind and the paper roll kind and the chipboard kind you can get from Michaels or AC Moore. It's weird because I can kind of remember my first encounter with paper and scrapbooking and how I wasn't at all impressed. I guess what I wasn’t impressed with was actually my abilities -- or perhaps I should say inabilities -- as far as scrapbooking is concerned. I have to admit that truth be told, I was never really good a collage and for me, that’s what scrapbooking is most like. I was once told that I am too symmetrical. I try but it gives me the most difficult time when I try to be eclectic. So, how can I be falling in love with the minis? Go figure. Maybe it’s because of the size -- mini. And as I write and think about it, I say “yeah, that’s got to be it!” The small size satisfies several of my idiosyncrasies -- like not wanting to use up all my pretty paper (like that could ever happen … LOL) and the fact that it takes less time to finish (ok, at least in theory that's supposed to be the case) and that you use less overall yet can still make a big statement (at least that'll be the case until I really learn what I’m doing and then I can attempt to go over the top like I've seen done with some of the very pretty minis I dream of someday creating). Anyways ... I'm about to have at it. So, I’m rolling up my sleeves … 'cause y'all know this could and I'm sure it's gonna get guite messy before it’s all said and done. LOL

Take care, y’all. Have a Great Day! and thanks for stopping by ...demarys


  1. Hi, can't wait to see your projects. I used to sew and make country bunnies, back when they were all the rave, but like you, paper is my new obsession!
    Take Care

  2. Oh my goodness. I remember the bunnies. I went crazy buying fabric and Simplicity, McCalls, Butterick and even Vogue patterns to make them. And I even bought the separate patterns for their clothing. I think that's how my "fabri-holism" all started. In my town in Westchester, New York, before I opened my own store, there was a little "ma & pop" fabric store and I because I bought so much material, I struck-up a relationship with the owner. Many weekend-days, rather than staying home and creating, I would go to that little shop and sit in the back and mank my dolls - which at that time were mainly the bunnies, bears, elephants, kittys, monkeys and piggys. And then the owner switched to making quilts. And so did I. So much so that when she closed her shop, I opened a shop - supposedly geared to quilting. It's another story in itself, but circumstances quickly redirected the "theme" of my store. Not a bad redirection, just an unexpected twist of things.

    Anyway, the more I learned about quilting, the more I learned and wanted to learn about dollmaking. I haven't made a doll in the manner dollmaking was first introduced to me in years. My current dollmaking is more along the lines of "art doll" making, although since being bitten by the paperbug (almost 2 years now), I haven't created any.

    Lately though, there has been much cause for talk about my dolls, and I begun to feel the pangs of missing creating in that areana.

    I am in the process of trying to make my craftroom, which has totally been taken over by paper, more user friendly - paperwise that is ... but I don't know ... I may just have to designate a small area for my fabric again. Maybe it's time I made another doll. LOL

    Wow! I hadn't thought about that in some time. That was back in the early '90s. Wow!

    Thank for memories and encouraging my trip back down memory lane.