Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Trying My Hand At Making A Masculine Card ...

At work, each month we celebrate that month's birthday people. I've notice, though, that there are as many, if not more, males in the office than there are females. So it got me to thinking that I might need to try making a variety of cards that are more gender specific. Oh my creative juice flow somewhat easily to allow me to make the girly, fru-fru or kiddie-type cards without too much problem. And the same is true with event or holiday cards. However, masculine cards that have the masculine feel even without words like "dad" or "boy" on them have given me a bit more trouble. Guess I need to try and think more like a guy ... well, in this case at least. Hahahaha

Well, lately I've been amassing Cricut cartridges and actually studying the manuals to learn how to more effectively use them. I've also been purchasing quite a few Cuttlebug folders and learning how to more effectively use them also, all in combination with rubber and digital stamping.

Soooooo, night before last, realizing that it was the birthday of one of the attorneys I'd assisted for the past 8+ years, I decided to make him a card. Armed with all my new goodies and an idea or two, I rushed home from work - didn't get home until about 10:00pm EST - to create a card. After a deviation or two from my original brainstorm at work, this is what I came up with.

Here's the front ...

And here's the inside ...

I apologize that the picture is a little blurry. (That's another goal: to learn to take better pictures.) All-in-all, I like the way this card turned out. (I think this is the first time I've said that publicly.) It was a lot of work, but really was more like a labor of love. There's a lot of small pieces and a lot of popping-up making it necessary to cut really small pieces of dimensional tape. But, as much as it took to create this card, I loved every minute of it. I remained excited with each step of the process, even though I kind of witched and moaned a few times.

I not only had much fun doing this card, but now I know I can. And as an added bonus, the compliments I received from my co-workers who saw the card before (and after) I gave it to him, just gave me more incentive. Plus the fact that he really appreciated that I still remembered his birthday.

Have a Great Day! and thanks for stopping by ...


  1. They are so hard for me, but you did an excellent job! Thanks for playing along at Fantabulous Cricut!

  2. Masculine cards seem to be a challenge for me, but you did a great job. Glad you join us for the challenge at FCCB. :)

  3. Great card....I need to try more "masculine" cards!!! Thanks for playing along at FCCB! :)