Friday, February 26, 2010

I didn't know ...

Hey, y'all. First, I've got to beat around the bush a little here and share a little background.

A long ago, I saw a television program that showed how various Silicon Valley (CA)companies adopted the theory that it was beneficial to allow the their employees (computer techies, etc.) to "decorate" they cubicles as an outlet for all the brain power and intellectual energy that flowed in those tight spaces. The program in itself was rather interesting and to see just how the different ones "decorated" their spaces was amazing. I'm thinking there may be a similar kind of video on the subject on YouTube. I'm going to check and if I find it and can figure out how to attach it here, I will.

Anyway, as has become my habit since I began creating, I, from time to time bring in my creations (knitted or crocheted items, mini quilts in progress, dolls, and now my cards, etc.) and display them in and around my work space, because I'd also heard somewhere that since most people spend more than 1/2 of their waking hours away from home at at a place of business (including getting to and from), we should surround ourselves with the things we love in and around our work areas to enhance a feeling of familiarity.

Well, the office manager happened by my station and chanced to see my latest - a "milk carton" decorated for Easter. It was my "sample", but she loved it. And, as she was walking away, she commented: "I had been expecting to get a little Valentine Day gift, but I guess I'm going to have to wait for St. Patrick's Day. I had given all my co-workers little Halloween and Christmas Treat Holders with candy inside.

I thought they were cute, and that it was a nice jesture to give them as trinkets, but I didn't know, what an impact they actually made.

See, this is why I love creating so much. Not only do I get joy from it, and would do it regardless, but it's an extra special insentive that others appreciate my talents as well.

Have a Great Day! and thanks for stopping by ...

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