Monday, February 1, 2010

I Evidently Didn't Move Far South Enough ...

I am a New Yorker transplanted (on purpose) to Maryland. One of the things I felt was so good about the move is that I wouldn't have to deal with the kind of crazy snow storms we always got in New York.

WRONG!!! The first winter here was a big storm! [SIGHHHHHH!] And, although we have had snow until now there hadn't been anything quite like it. But, it's baaaacccckkkk! And, woorrrssee! It hasn't even stopped yet -- and they say it isn't anytime soon -- and already there's more than a foot on the ground. It started yesterday afternoon and this stuff is supposed to continue all day until night (or longer). And, once it stops in a couple of days it's supposed to do it again.

All I can say is I'm glad I have the stash of paper and embellishments, etc. that I have, 'cause I'm going to be a card making somebody. LOL

Have A Great Day! and thanks for stopping by.

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