Saturday, February 20, 2010

One Track Mind ...

I stayed to work late again last night, but this time for my own personal benefit. I needed to use the computer at the office top woprk on the internet because my PC is not working.

So tired as I was, I couldn't seemto stay asleep. I've been working on this card for challenge that is really giving me grief. Oh, not the challenge itself, but rather the colors and embellies I chose. See, beyond using sketch and/or color challenges, I have decided to give myself a personal challenge to work with colors I don't particularly care for to try something new to make myself step outside my comfort area to use(or maybe I should say "use up") some of the extras I have amassed in my studio.

Well there I was, laying in bed thinking of what I could do or shouldn't do to finish this card, I hear this pounding on my door. To my surprise, it's my daughter with my youngest grandson, Xavier. I've got babysitting detail ... on top of everything else I had planned to do today. Good thing I love that little munchkin so much. LOL

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