Thursday, February 18, 2010

Mojo Monday #126

I decided to not just make cards based on various challenges but to begin actually submitting the cards I create at the time I create them. I had been a little hesitant, but I've shown my cards to family, friends and co-workers and they have greatly encouraged me. The confirmation that not just I think my cards are good, but that others like them and even have requested that I make some for them to give to their loved ones is inspiration in itself to continue doing this craft I love so much.

Here is the card I made for submission based on the February 15, 2010 Mojo Monday #126 Sketch.

I have to admit that with this one I am rather proud of myself. Although I love the color teal, it has always been a color I found hard to work with ... not just in cardmaking, but in area of decorating and even clothing. I tend to want to pair it with coral or peach. Yes, I know that's a dated combination -- used it way back in the day in my bedroom once. Then I could see the colors working together -- I actually did it much before it became trendy. But now, I have trouble with it. Plus, peach has become one of my least liked colors. So, trying to use teal had me really in a bind. I even had to stop working on this card, take a break (cat-nap) and then, voila. The light(s) went on in my head -- woke me in the middle of the night -- but I had to get at it right then and there (3:30 am). Monochromatic! That was the way to go. Some things are just worth the trouble.

Have a Great Day! and thanks for stopping by.

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  1. Love your card - beautiful colors!

    Ramona :-)